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We love the support of some amazing organisations who are backing us up and helping spread the word to practitioners world-wide

The Amazing Organisations Backing Us

The Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) has been the peak professional organisation for Chinese medicine in Australia for the last 50 years, offering professional and practical support for over 2,200 members, who include registered acupuncturists, herbalists and traditional remedial massage practitioners.

AACMA’s prime objective is to promote safety, quality, and ethics in practice while bolstering the industry’s public reputation by establishing credibility and trust with the Australian consumer. Our proven approach to promotion, research, and education has seen significant advancements in how the Australian government and the public view the TCM industry. The relevance and effectiveness of Chinese medicine are now embraced as a valid part of the mainstream health system in Australia.

AACMA continues its dedication to members’ education and promotion by investing in critical research, enhanced education opportunities, practical courses, tailored workshops, and events such as its annual conference Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference (AACMAC).

AACMAC 2023 will be hosted at the J.W Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa and run for three days from the 4th to the 6th August, 2023.

Phone: +61 7 3457 1800

NeedlePro Australia Sponsor

NeedlePro Australia

NeedlePro Australia was founded by Sohial Farzam, foremost a practitioner before a supplier. Together Sohial and his company Needlepro Australia founded the IIMHC.

As a practitioner and lecturer, Sohial has clear depth in understanding the key traits practitioners look for when searching for a needle of choice and so the focus of NeedlePro Australia is to only stock products Sohial and his team would use at clinic themselves.

NeedlePro’s acupuncture needles are widely distributed in Australia and practitioners have constantly reported marked increase in performance upon insertion, receptivity in the hand upon manipulation and threading and importantly comfort both for them, the practitioner and the client.

NeedlePro Australia is the first and primary DongBang needle supplier in Australia – DongBang being one of the largest and well-known manufacturers. DongBang are renowned for their spring metal surgical grade stainless steel needles with precision and accurate point with a pine needle shape that allows easy-glide insertion. This cutting-edge technique involves automated grinding and polishing lines, providing absolute consistency and reliability eliminating human intervention negating any room for error.

NeedlePro also carries the superb and extra smooth J-Type plastic handled hand and face needles widely used for cosmetic acupuncture practices sold via NeedlePro at an unbeatable price.

Conclusively, NeedlePro’s core foundations has been in education hence the creation of the IIMHC. The vision is to provide an accessible global platform for accomplished and inspiring teachers and educators from around the globe to connect, to share, to educate and upskill fellow health professionals. And in so doing, Sohial and NeedlePro Australia proudly present the inaugural launch of the International Integrative Mental Health Conference in October 2021. For more details, please check the contact details.

NeedlePro Australia is proudly an Australian family owned business.

NeedlePro Australia Acupuncture Supplies – 1300 NEEDLE (+61 1300 633 353)

Yes Chinaherb and Materia Medica are Australia and New Zealand’s official wholesale supplier of Taiwan’s most trusted traditional Chinese concentrated herbal extracts, manufactured by KO DA Pharmaceutical since 1980. Yes Chinaherb was founded in 2003 by Kenneth Lee who has nearly two decades of industry-leading experience, starting out as a distributor for Sun Ten, KPC Herbs, and has since become Australasia’s wholesale representative for the prestigious KO DA Pharmaceutical.

Yes Chinaherb and Materia Medica value lifelong friendships and are highly recommended, rated 5 out of 5 by TCM leaders, authors, lecturers and schools across Australia and New Zealand. After almost 20 years, we remain family-owned and proudly operated by the Lee family and friends.

Whether you are starting out or wanting to change suppliers, we aim to support you for the life of your practice.

Yes Chinaherb Pty Ltd – Australia | +61 2 9634 1800 |

Materia Medica Limited – New Zealand | +61 2 9634 1800 |

Ko Da Herbs – Australia And New Zealand sponsor

Ko Da Herbs – Australia And New Zealand

Kinetic Distributions cater to the needs of natural health practitioners, Acupuncturists Massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physios, as well as selling some of our products to the general public to provide soothing support for bruises, sprains, bruises, muscle tension, and sore tired feet.

Kane, founder of Kinetic Distributions has been running a very successful acupuncture clinic in Hamilton, New Zealand called Connect Therapies. With his 12 years of clinical experience, he has tried many different products over the years which led him to then form Kinetic Distributions.

Kinetic Distributions has done the hard work in sourcing high-quality products that work. You can be assured that every product we sell, we use every day in the clinic with amazing results.

All of our Golden Sunshine ™ products work by improving circulation to an area. Using ANCIENT WISDOM & MODERN TECHNOLOGY, this increases the blood flow and therefore the oxygen available to speed up healing and recovery.

Our herbal creams, sprays, and pastes combine the best of Chinese medicine with modern technologies to help our clients achieve remarkable results. Invest in a better, healthier you by turning to us for natural Chinese herbal formulas and soothing support.

Kane Monrad – +64 274999831

What is Safflower and why are we here?

Safflower is a TGA licensed herbal dispensary for Chinese medicine practitioners. We are one of two and possibly the largest licensed dispensary in Australia. We have been operating since 2008, have dispensed over 70,000 orders and are in Newhaven on Phillip Island Victoria in Australia. Every day we post orders nationally and internationally. Two things set us apart: we have a range of Chinese herbs that are not available in any other dispensary, and we continue to support and train practitioners particularly new graduates in the art of prescribing herbs. We are also constantly looking at opportunities to make Chinese medicine bigger and better!

What are we dispensing and how can you order form us to?

We have three extensive product ranges. Granulated extracts, liquid extracts, and herbal creams for topical application. Liquid extracts are highly popular because of their use-of-use and pleasant taste. All the single herbs come from GMP accredited sources so you can be assured of quality, safety, and consistency.

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you establishing a flow of herbs in in your everyday clinic. | +61 (0) 3 5956 7011

Safflower Chinese Herbs

Sustain Health Academy

SustainHealth Academy handpicks presenters from all around the world to bring practitioners quality education. 

A focus centred on learning and growing as a community within the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine field. Drawing attendees from all different disciplines and from many different countries. SustainHealth Academy’s goal is to elevate the profession by providing access to the best of the best in Acupuncture and TCM learning. 

Previous presenters include Dr Ming Qing Zhu (Founder of Zhu Scalp Acupuncture), Dr James Lu, Dr Michael Chung, Dr Wei Chieh Young and many more. Our seminars not only focus on theory but have hands-on practical sessions. 

Founded by Dr Scott Ling, SustainHealth Academy aims to make Chinese Medicine one of the most sought after healthcare modalities within the modern healthcare system. 



Alchemy Herbs is an Australian herbal company founded by practitioners Clare Pyers and Kirsten Wolfe. With over 40 years of combined experience in helping their clients achieve their health and well-being goals.

And having taught and mentored hundreds of practitioners, Kirsten and Clare created Alchemy herbs to make it easier for practitioners to get access to the formulas they use in their own clinics, and treat and prescribe (and get great results) the way they do. No fillers or excipients, just 100% pure herbs, making them perfect for even your most sensitive patients.

Easy to prescribe and dispense, Alchemy formulas are a welcome addition to every busy practitioners dispensary, giving your patients quick and easy access to powerful herbal powders.  

Qiology is dedicated to providing high quality educational experiences and products for Acupuncture and East Asian medicine practitioners in Australia and New Zealand, fostering personal growth, excellence and diversity in practice.

Qiology was established in 2010, an initiative from its founder, Peter Scarselletti, to assist in raising the standard of practice of the Acupuncture/East Asian medicine profession in Australia through hands-on and theoretical trainings with internationally renowned presenters in the field. Since 2012 we have conducted over 100+ live seminars and workshops in Australia and New Zealand, and over 30+ Online webinars, with some of the most renowned masters/practitioners and educators in the profession.

Qiology has made several professional productions of seminar recordings over the years, and in 2016 constructed its online learning platform to allow for high quality online learning to be available online, 24/7/365, around the globe. We now have 30+ online learning offerings with more in the production queue, including several free recorded webinars. We now supply high quality online education to thousands of East Asian medicine practitioners and students all around the world.

Since 2018, Qiology has also been the proud Australian and New Zealand supplier of moxibustion products from Kobayashi-rouho, one of Japan’s premium moxa manufacturing companies with a rich family history of moxa makers dating back 7 generations to the Edo period.

Qiology has chosen to support IIMHC, not only due to its affiliation and/or interest in the amazing line-up of featured presenters, but due to the recent emerging importance of the focus of addressing mental health conditions in the Acupuncture/East Asian Medicine clinic.



Global Branches Mission:

1. To promote and hold conferences and other health events with the main objective of obtaining accreditation, acceptance and integration of Acupuncture and Tradition Chinese Medicine by the other Health Sciences.

2. To disseminate Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) to the Portuguese and international communities, promoting literacy in these subjects and health in general.

3. To support continuous innovation in the fields of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by promoting and supporting scientific projects and research. 

4. To train TCM and CAM Practitioners through theoretical seminars and practical workshops in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other areas of CAM. 

Global Branches Values:

Global Branches

Want to get involved and back the IIMHC?

If your organisation is aligned to the vision of IIMHC and you would like to BACK the IIMHC, we would love to hear from you.

Please send an email to Sohial at and type “Want to back IIMHC” in the subject line.

Please include as much information about your organisation and your contact details (including your country and state area code if you are from outside Australia).

The full benefits of this joint relationship between IIMHC and your organisation will be emailed to you and any questions answered.

So go ahead and send an email to and let’s create big wins!