Who’s behind the IIMHC and what is the greater vision of this event?

International Integrative Mental Health Conference (IIMHC) About the event

About the event

IIMHC is set to host some of the world’s greatest speakers, health professionals, clinicians, lecturers and authors inspired to share with you their clinical knowledge and experience on working with people in the area of mental health and emotional trauma. 

The timing of this event couldn’t be any more relevant to what we as a global nation have endured privately and publicly. The unspoken pain and trauma of individual lives adding to the pre-existing trauma that many carry throughout life has certainly deepened the intensity of the emotional experience.

The history of mental health in conventional medicine and its development throughout time has been quite bleak. It is common understanding and observation that prescribing psychiatric medication for even the faintest and mildest error in thinking or emotional ups and downs is usually the common approach to servicing patients. 

Although at times, the need for conventional psychiatric help and medication may be pertinent and necessary in extreme cases, it is through understanding, connecting and acknowledging those in mental health distress and that of their influential upbringing that seems to really take good effect in treatment and healing. Acknowledging and including the workings of many great and influential conventional health professionals is an aim for Empyrean for purposes of unifying and integrating medical advice that will benefit others.

The vision of this symposium is to acknowledge and bring greater attention to the incredible and powerful impact that Chinese Medicine and Integrative healing modalities whether it be acupuncture, herbs, body movement and breath (such as tai qi, qi going, martial arts), stone medicine, plant essential oils as well as other allied medical interventions have on positively and effectively influencing change and healing for psycho-emotional conditions. 

IIMHC will be a platform for industry leaders to share their breakthrough solutions to help you help your clients and those close to you to transform and transcend – trauma to liberation, pain to wisdom, adversity to resilience, suffering to higher consciousness. 

IIMHC envisions uniting health professionals and students from all around the globe bringing a unified field of energy, knowledge, collaboration and healing. 

This will be a global platform for healers and contributors to share an understanding of the many facets of the human psyche and the many ways the impact of physiological, psychological, biological, chemical, sociological and environmental changes can have on our inner workings which shape and modify our outer behaviour. 


OUR Vision, Mission and Values

Welcome to IIMHC. The inaugural launch of a month-long online symposium on mental health and emotional empowerment. An event catered for health professionals who are interested in learning, refining and understanding the depth of the human psyche and the principles of human behaviour and self-development. A place that gathers industry leaders from different cultures and walks of life sharing their wisdom, clinical experience and integrative knowledge and whom are at the forefront of both classical and modern understanding of mental health, emotional trauma and personal empowerment. There is a strong focus on integrative work bridging the gap between classical and modern view on mental health and emotions.


To provide an accessible global platform for accomplished and inspiring teachers and educators to connect, to share, to educate and upskill fellow health professionals in the services of mental health and wellness. To keep alive the classical traditions of our medicine whilst bridging the gap with current integrative therapies and sciences.


We work through collaboration to train, enhance and uplift practitioner skill and competency with effective traditional and integrative therapies whilst promoting and elevating our profession to invest in the mental health of all people.


To Educate

Values To Unite

To Unite

Values To Adapt

To Adapt

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To Integrate

To Innovate

To Collaborate values

To Collaborate

To Lead

About the Organizer

IIMHC was founded and is organised by Sohial Farzam, an Australian registered and practicing Emotional Wellbeing Acupuncturist for 19 years. His personal interest and inspiration in the area of mental health and emotional trauma specifically has been his line of work and clinical experience for the past 10 years.

As a long-term ex-lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health (formally known as the Australian College of Natural Medicine) and an international speaker on emotional trauma, Sohial developed connections with like-minded practitioners who share the same passion and love for helping clients experience personal transformations and transcending trauma. 

Sohial’s main area of speciality is in Psycho-Emotional imbalances and emotional empowerment. He is a well-known practicing acupuncturist in Australia and he currently presents many seminars on psychological and mental health conditions all around Australia and abroad.

He has a special interest in human psychology, human behaviour, neuroscience, quantum physics and philosophy. He integrates all these study angles into Chinese Medicine concepts to fully understand the dynamics of the psyche. By helping to enhance the awareness and understanding of the true and brilliant nature of the psyche, along with his ability to deliver and communicate such concepts to be applied and understood clinically, Sohial has been able to dramatically help his clients with deep breakthroughs from long term mental health challenges, as well as practitioners with ever expanding shifts in their perception and understanding of mental health and disease.

His primary work in viewing emotional trauma is aligned to the nature and intelligence of the body and psyche in that emotions are signals and cues to a greater purpose and lesson rather than suffering and pain. He argues that emotional trauma serves a purpose in re-aligning people to a more innate way of living…one that is congruent to the value structures of each individual, but one that was deviated due to subordination likely from guilt and shame (early upbringing).

Sohial is also a long-term Facilitator of the Demartini Breakthrough Method. A method developed by world-renowned human behavioural specialist Dr. John Demartini. Sohial has completed many trainings offered by Dr. John Demartini and the Demartini Institute and is a certified Demartini Facilitator.

He has observed four phases of transformation that people experience – these are liberation, breakthrough, elevation and mastery. In other words, and in the great words of a distant mentor of Sohial and well-known teacher Jeffrey Yuen, “the redemption of shen from jing”. The redemption of spirit from matter.

This event was created by Sohial as a platform for uniting the very talented and experienced practitioners to provide an accessible global platform to connect, to share, to educate and upskill fellow health professionals in the services of mental health and wellness. To keep alive the classical traditions of our medicine whilst bridging the gap with current integrative therapies and sciences.